Writing Lesson Video Sample

This is the story of Sonya, a Russian immigrant learning the complexities of English. Her friend, an English instructor, is helping. See how this classic video is interwoven into the Library’s writing instruction to help learners understand the mechanics of writing.   In book 2 of the writing series, the mechanics of capitalization and punctuation are emphasized.

Writing screen for video example 1



Writing Audio Video Sample

Writing Screen for first audio example

Like all lessons in the Lifetime Library, learners can read on their own or have the text narrated so they can ‘read along’.

This is a great option to have as learning is enhanced with visuals and audio. For individuals with reading difficulties, the narration feature is a great tool!

In the audio sample below, the narration is from an “opening page” for a writing lesson — providing learners with a quick overview of the subject matter.


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