Writing Chalk BoardThe importance of writing is more important today than ever.  The widespread use of “texting” as impacted the way individuals write a variety of documents:

•  Term papers
•  Resumes
•  Employment applications
•  Business reports
•  Work estimates
•  Personal diaries
•  Responses to questions posted online

Many people rely on abbreviations and use no punctuation or grammatical correctness.  The importance of proper writing skills may be overlooked by peers, yet poorly written material at the college level and in professional settings may quickly (and unintentionally) eliminate someone from an opportunity for entrance to higher education institutions, a new job or a job promotion.  Poor writing may also improperly identify someone as lacking education or rendering an opinion as less than credible.  Something that is poorly written is often dismissed as being from someone with ill-informed and less-than-quality opinions.  Writing skills DO make a difference!

In the age of writing software and spell-checkers, firmly grasping/understanding grammar, punctuation and sentence structure provides the ability to communicate clearly. The Lifetime Library’s Writing series offers:

•  10 lessons to form a complete writing course
•  Full-motion video providing clear examples how to write well
•  Grammar, from simple to complex, is fully explained
•  Numerous practical writing examples
•  The mechanics of good writing, clear organization and presentation
•  Guided practice which includes spelling, punctuation, grammar, and clear communication skills
•  A comprehensive Placement Test let’s individuals quickly find where to start

Writing Video and Lessons

The Writing Series teaches skills required at the high school level of proficiency.  Ten books (lessons) address spelling, capitalization, punctuation, basic grammar, sentence construction and mechanics.

 The video lessons in Writing contain a narrative that cleverly includes writing instruction within each episode of the story.  Like Reading Part 2, the video lessons include an entire video lesson and a series of shorter video reruns to reinforce the information being covered.

 After the video instruction, the main points of the lesson are reinforced in text, images and onscreen exercises.  Students can quickly identify the content of each lesson by clicking the book on the bookshelf and reading the lesson objectives and video highlights.

The Writing program includes material from KET’s GED on TV series, which received the Wilbur Schramm Award of Excellence for instructional video.  The story of the video is played out with young adults.  Sonya, a recent immigrant to the United States, struggles with the complexity of English spelling and structure as she perfects her new language.

Writing Multimedia Components

•  10 multimedia “books” comprised of three to six chapters each
•  600 screens of instruction that blend information in text, graphics, and segments of instructional video
•  Five hours of instructional video incorporated within the 10 books
•  1,350 test questions and interactive exercise questions with immediate feedback
•  Online tools: calculator, dictionary, and instructional text narration
•  Automatic record keeping of time on task as well as test and exercise scores
•  Ability for users to learn at their own pace

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