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The Library’s Writing series is about good mechanics – sentence structure, nouns, verbs, adverbs, pronouns and more.  Even though today’s world has become one of “short messages and texts”, good writing is important in many business and working situations. Getting a good job may require showing a knoweldge of writing. Gaining advancement may rquire showing the ability to write with proficiency! Individuals who can write clearly, succinctly and with good grammar and structure will have many opportunities for success.  The Library’s Writing series can’t “test for creative writing and whether written mechanics are proper” – but it lays the groundwork through video, text, and exercises.  Bringing learners from young adult to adult writing levels of the 5th grade to that of high school and beyond is wht the Library is designed to do!

Writing - online writing mechanics and sentence structure

Writing - Poor sentence structure


When speaking with someone, a person has the opportunity to explain what he or she is trying to say. With writing, if sentence structure is poor, a reader will be confused. So the Library’s Writing series helps learners understand how to write complete sentences that make sense to others. This is an example of a poorly written sentence. See the next shot for the fix!

Writing - Good sentence structure


Better sentence structure.  The Library, using video, onscreen text (with narration) and examples helps learners understand.  Learners may not fully understand in a classroom setting – and the Library, when used as a personal learning tool, can help reinforce and get a learner “back into the game” and willing to participate in class!


Useful information is often provided in the Library lessons to reinforce the learning principles. In this case, the use of capitalization when appropriate vs situations where it is not!

Writing - Capitalization

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