Online Learning – Math, Reading, Writing and Algebra – for the Long Term!Motivational message.

The Lifetime Library was created with both short- and long-term use in mind.  Too many learning tools and products are designed to be used once or twice in a drilling manner.  They are not “fun, engaging nor memorable”.  It’s not “grade level specific”.  Individuals learn the topics they need to – on an independent basis and at their own pace.  Upcoming topics to be learned can be studied and reviewed in the future!

We inspire many different “learners”.  The Library is ultimately about helping a learner whether a student from grade 6 – 12 attends a public, private, charter or home school – or a young adult is headed to a Community College, Technical School or University.  There are many times a student may need help with their skills – whether preparing for standardized testing, mid-term or end-of-semester exams, or is simply falling behind because they don’t quite understand what is being taught in class.  In other situations, a student wants to move more quickly and get into subjects sooner rather than waiting for the rest of the class to catch up.  Students headed to post-secondary learning programs will have their skills assessed through formal testing.  The results of these tests often determines whether post-secondary level classes can be taken – or if a detour to refresher and further preparatory classes is required. 

The Library goes beyond students in schools.  Its design and multimedia format is perfect for adults in the workforce – or those looking to enter or re-enter the workforce.  Recent decades have brought a lot of ‘baseline objectivity’ to the workforce.  Employers need to know they are making appropriate hiring decisions by making unbiased decisions based on an applicant’s basic skills.  If employers find an individual lacks certain mathematical, reading or grammatical skills, they may make other decisions knowing future promotions may not be possible.  For the worker, it may not be a matter of not having basic skills – but not having used them for a period of time.  Having an opportunity to renew and sharpen basic skills is an important step to regaining an edge in the workplace.

The multimedia format is designed to engage and involve.

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