Trust Your Intuition

By Lifetime Library on April 28, 2014 in Lifetime Learning Blog

Here’s an interesting topic! Making decisions based on “gut (or intuition) vs. intellectually (using the brain) is seemingly getting attention these days. Businesses are moving more to the Internet everyday with new content, appeals to “buy their products”, asking people to recommend them, etc. So at times, a business will develop a product and market it with an approach solely aimed at people buying on emotion. But that can potentially backfire! If they get “great sales” … initially … and then find buyers have some remorse, won’t they get a significant amount of negative comments on the web? Sure they will! It could be devastating! It’s why businesses are encouraged to provide good content online for potential buyers. People who love the emotional appeal will “stop there”. Others who want the “real information” will absorb “all of it”. In the end, which buyer will likely be the most satisfied? Emotion and excitement surely are part of the marketer’s arsenal. Always has… always will.

So what about this “gut vs. brain” thing. We’re faced with it everyday! Can the gut help us make good decisions? Does it always come down to the brain taking time to make an intelligent decision? Have some fun in school and find a class that is open to talking about this! Maybe you can make this a science project and gain some extra credit! The reading on this topic is actually a lot of fun! Is this science? (more aptly biology?) Is it social studies? Is it psychology? (after all… it’s dealing with human behavior, right?)

Check out the article we’ve linked here. It’s from the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom.  It was published in March 2013 and written by Anthony Bond. From our perspective, it’s just one of hundreds of articles, journals and posts on “decisions made by intuition (gut) and the brain!” Have fun with this! It can be thought provoking!

Trust your intuition! Decisions made quickly are just as good as when we take our time, reveals study…  MORE>>>

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