To Bee or Not To Bee (as in Spelling Bee!)

By Lifetime Library on February 13, 2013 in Lifetime Learning Blog, Uncategorized
Ever thought about a spelling bee? Remember what it was like to have to do “spelling words in school”? If you’re a parent and have questions about spelling — or if your son/daughter ask “why they have to do spelling”, consider that kids who become good spellers early on do better in school – and indeed, in their life’s career pursuits. Ah, but what about the Spelling Bee? Ever thought about being in one? Ever thought your son/daughter could be in one? (Or do you just struggle with getting them to “do their spelling!”) Here’s a link to an article about “the spelling bee”. It might not give you all the info you’d like – but perhaps it spurs you to think about the role of spelling in your young child’s life. Learn To Spell – Do Well In Life!  Check it out!

Being a good speller helps a student succeed in language arts and literature studies and aids in good writing and organized thinking. These skills can help a student achieve goals…  MORE>>>
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