Timing Tips for SAT and ACT

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This NY Times article is short, but helps form a basis for preparing for taking ACT and SAT tests. As noted in the article, developing your “personal pacing” is a key to success. And that comes from practice. Of course, if you lack the educational skills (for whatever reason), now may be time to sit down and convince yourself that while you may not like school, you CAN enjoy (okay – ‘like’) learning. You may want to seek a favorite teacher or adult – or older peer – who can give you some advice on learning. But take things into your own hands – learn from these simple tips – and realize that it’s called “work” for a reason. Don’t think you can’t have fun, spend time with friends, etc. But we can tell you that the sooner you learn time management skills – ignoring the advice of friends that simply want you to “have fun with them all the time” all the while “putting down learning” – the better off you’ll be as you pursue your career. Success is in your own hands – no one hands it to you! So get out … and do something!!
HOW do you pace yourself during standardized tests? Jordan Liss, a sophomore at the University of Michigan, faced this question each time he took the ACT, which was five times. “The last thing a student wants to do is a math problem trying to figure out how much time they have,” Mr. Liss said.  …  More >>>
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