The Importance of Good Spelling and Grammar

Here’s an article about spelling and grammar. We’ve probably run something like this before. But in a recent conversation, the topic came up again. And in a recent post about spelling bees, we talked about how good spelling sets the stage for better learning in the future – and better educational outcomes – and career success,  etc. It all matters! So when it comes to using Internet “slang” in daily writing – school, job, etc. – you can’t just ignore good writing, punctuation and grammar. Read this article – and “note the sarcasm” throughout when the authors chide you for poor writing/grammar usage and they “work some in” to their commentary! This is about 5-years old — and it STILL APPLIES TODAY! Being in business, we see their point all the time. And when we read posts people make to articles, etc. online, we clearly (don’t we all?) somewhat dismiss those that are poorly written.  First impressions STILL make a difference today – no matter what others might tell you!
One thing that’s becoming more and more prominent as time goes on, is that people online don’t feel the need to use good grammar and spelling.  READ MORE>>>
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