Technology and Learning – Part II

By Lifetime Library on September 20, 2012 in Lifetime Learning Blog, Uncategorized
In the first part, we linked you to an article about whether technology and learning will come together to help students learn. The gist of that article is… ‘maybe’.  It seems one of the core issues is whether teachers can adapt to technology, whether iPads and other devices are fads vs. trends, etc. Well, as the era of mobile devices has proliferated at break-neck speed, it seems some people are starting to get it.  This next article is from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. One thing we particularly like here is… their mention of the need to develop CONTENT. They do pretty well at not dwelling on what the technology is. It’s probably assumed that mobile devices are here to stay. Computers, once considered trendy and overly expensive, found their way into mainstream life — and learning. Will iPads and other mobile devices do the same? Maybe. Or maybe they’ll evolve. In some ways, “do we care?” The devices will continue to get better, more powerful and, as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation implies… it’s up to the “content providers” to convert learning material into digital formats that will engage and captivate… and ultimately, foster and encourage curiosity and learning. In the 3rd part of this series, we’ll link you to an article that goes 180-degrees from Part 1, where technology is being adapted. But humans being humans (when looking at comments) are skeptical. One always wonders “if we’re ever going to make it?” (We usually always do!) But we’ll leave that to Part 3 … and beyond.
The next generation of teaching and learning models will provide students with more personalized paths to learning. Technology will facilitate these experiences, offering students direct access to learning content
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