Technology and Learning – Part 3

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In part one, we linked you to an article from a few years ago that started talking about technology in schools. The gist was: “let’s see”.  In part 2, we linked you to an entry on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website that talks about technology in the context of “content”. They pointed out that if private industry can start creating appropriate learning content that can be delivered digitally and accessed through technology, the concept of “technology and learning” can come ever closer together. In this blog post (part 3), we link you to an article that summarizes a Dell-sponsored survey on technology in schools. It seems some countries are “behind” in adapting technology into learning. The comments section of the article is worthwhile reading too. Teachers comment on how kids of today will enter an adult world where technology is everywhere and feel their job is to make them prepared for it. Yet others still have reservations and doubts. From our perspective, all the ‘conversation’ is worthwhile. Whether you are a student, teacher or parent reading this article, it makes sense to get involved and learn how students can master educational topics through traditional learning and that which employs technology
A new survey commissioned by Dell suggests that schools are not meeting students’ technology needs and that China is ahead of the United States and Germany when it comes to using technology in learning.

Comprising interviews with nearly 1,600 students, teachers, and parents, the survey was designed to gauge opinions in the United States, China, and Germany.

Eighty-two percent of teachers who responded said that “technology allows them to create a more personalized learning experience,” while 63 percent of U.S. teachers told interviewers their students “know how to use technology better than they do,” according to information released by Dell.

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