Technology and Learning – Part 1

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Technology in schools appears to be a moving target – but it seems people are starting to get their arms around it.  Would you agree?  Are you seeing more and better applications of technology being used in schools and for home school learning?  The Lifetime Library was ‘ahead of its time’ — but its online, multimedia format allows students from grade 5 and up (including adult learners) to gain some foundation skills in reading, writing, math and Algebra they be lacking – on their own schedule or that of an instructor.  It’s meant to engage, use video, audio, onscreen testing, etc. … to be “inclusive”.  Yet — for the classroom… is technology being properly adapted?  We think the answer is “maybe”.  But that’s a good start.  There are still a lot of teachers who don’t completely take to technology like young people do.  Many teachers don’t have time to find apps, online tools or videos to incorporate into lesson plans.  

This is Part 1 of a series of articles we will link you to over a period of time.  The thing to pay attention to is how fast things are changing.  (And just because we link to this article doesn’t mean we believe it’s necessarily “an  authority”!  There are lots of opinions and “experts” saying technology works … and technology doesn’t work. But what this article seems to do is point out that technology (as recently as the middle of 2011) “isn’t ready for prime time “.  (After all, iPad wasn’t all that old yet.)  What you’ll see in later articles is that technology is moving from a state of chaos to one where schools, private industry, etc. are working to develop CONTENT that works well with technology.  You’ll see where some countries are adapting it faster than others.  Is this good or bad?  This article is a bit longer than others… but hopefully sets the stage for others we’ll post that allow you to draw your own conclusions.   

The other thing to consider is… what technology can you bring to your home to help with the learning process? Do you have laptops for portability? Do you use iPads or other tablets? Do you search for online learning tools or apps?  Technology, if it is used with guidance of adults/parents/teachers, is something we think can be helpful.  We listen to parents who are thinking it’s time to consider iPads for their kids at home…to help with learning. The more schools “properly” adopt technology and teachers become comfortable with it, the more kids will be able to “interact with school”.  There’s a lot of talk about being “centered around the student”.  It’s our hope things move quickly, but with well-thought out and designed “digital learning” solutions!

The Virginia Department of Education is phasing in the second wave of a pilot program that uses Apple’s iPad tablet computers as the centerpiece of a social studies curriculum that blends online and face-to-face learning.
The Chicago school system is expanding a pilot program …

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