Teaching Tips from Tim Gunn

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Another article from the NY Times. This one is one to “read into a bit”. It can actually be one for parents to read through. Now, you may have to put aside the fact that Mr. Gunn is on TV as a fashion expert with his own reality show, etc. You need to read through the interview portion and realize that his teaching background (and who really knew he had such a deep teaching resume) gave him the expertise to nurture, mentor and help people not give up too easily. For parents, the lesson here is: A) listen; B) ask questions – that aren’t just the kind that your son/daughter can get away with a “yes/no” response; C) don’t allow your son/daughter to give up … because unless it’s something they simply can’t change, they may do very well making something work that they didn’t think they could. We see this as fostering imagination, persistence, time management, backtracking to develop a game plan (a strategy, a time schedule, a set of achievable goals, etc.)  So take a look at this article — understand the key points — and then become as big a help to your son/daughter as you can – by listening… and asking questions.

On “Project Runway,” which just started its 11th season, Tim Gunn famously advises the competing designers to “Make it work.” Gentle and invariably honest, he nudges them toward realizing their own voice and potential while staying on deadline. It’s a mentoring approach with applications in fields well beyond fashion. … MORE>>>  
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