Systems Requirements

  1. PC running Windows Vista, 7 or 8 – all with current service packs (Please note, the Library runs on PC’s running Windows XP – however Microsoft is no longer supporting the XP Operating System. As such, we cannot recommend that you use the Lifetime Library on a computer still running Windows XP)
  2. Mac computers running latest updates of OS 10
  3. Browsers:  Internet Explorer v8.0 or newer.  Firefox v3.0 or newer.  Google Chrome v.11.0 or newer.  Safari v5.0 or newer.
  4. Must allow pop-ups from the Lifetime Learning server (A step-by-step guide available through the Resources page)
  5. Screen resolution and font size should be set for “normal” or 100%.  Screen sizes adjusted up or down may cause copy and/or images to overlap or cause other readability problems.
  6. Adobe Media Player (Your computer should already play Flash video and audio – but if it does not, you will be able to gain those capabilities by visiting the Adobe website.)

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