Summer Intern Season

Here’s a useful article from CBS Moneywatch in March 2010 — but it’s still poignant today. Maybe this is information you get at school or have seen online. But it’s worth reading again. Summer internships can give a student a real leg-up when interviewing for jobs after graduation. After all, what better way to talk about your skills, your education, your “VALUE” to a prospective employer than talking about real-world experience! And you know what? If you do a good job, employers really DO think about you “down the road” and will more seriously consider you than others they have had not exposure to. And — on the other side of the equation, you might learn something about a job or a company or an industry during an internship that you don’t like – and it helps you re-direct your focus of your education and career aspirations. Internships work for both the employer – AND YOU! Go get ’em!!
… But just because the odds are tough doesn’t mean you and your kids should be discouraged — it just means you need to have a good strategy and work a little harder. An intern’s foot in the door can be a giant step toward a real job post-college, and unless the economy picks up speed in a hurry, your children are going to need any advantage they can find as they enter the workforce.  MORE>>>
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