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Graduation education internet web online diploma isolatedStudents at many levels benefit greatly from the Lifetime Library.  Whether you are just entering middle or high school or preparing for Community College, a technical school or other post secondary learning program, the Lifetime Library is a tool you should not be without.

If you struggle with math, reading, writing, or Algebra, using the Library will be beneficial.  Every lesson in the Library helps you understand how subject matter might apply in your life.  The subject matter is designed to help you comprehend the skill you require – whether in school or for standardized testing.  The Library’s instructors, narrators and content will help you understand the subject matter in a way you might not have heard or seen before because subject matter is presented from a different perspective.  We want to help you become more confident about the subject matter which will help you be more confident in school and when taking standardized tests during or at the end of the school year.

The video is an important part of the Library. You’ll get to know the “characters” and follow their journey – knowing they’ll ask the questions you may not get a chance to in class.

Everything you need is in the Library and available onscreen – icons that take you to a built-in dictionary and calculator and let you listen to the text, translate onscreen text different languages, view your progress through an online personal record book, access practice and challenge exercises and final lesson tests.  It’s all included so there is nothing to install or materials to keep track of.  If you can access the Internet, you can use the Library!

More importantly, the Library is your personal learning tool.  Because it’s online, you can log in wherever you have an Internet connection – at home, the school library or learning lab, or a computer where your parents work.  The Library works on a Mac or PC and with any browser – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.  Best of all, using the Library can be personal and private and you can work at your own speed.  No one looks over your shoulder when you use the Lifetime Library! 

Multimedia:  You get to ‘get involved’ and will view and listen to video and text, and answer questions that are included within the pages of the Library.  You can use the calculator and dictionary and access practice and challenge exercises whenever you are ready to test yourself.  Should you want to take the final test and see if you are ready to move on to another book in the Library, go ahead and take it at any time.  If you don’t do as well as you would like, go back to studying the lesson.  It is that simple.

Built-in Placement Tests – will help you find the right place to start.  Knowing where to start will help you avoid working through material you already know – it’s a great feature.  No one likes to sit through material you already know.  Yet, if you want to review it, the option is yours!


•  Use the Library to catch up or use it to move more quickly than the pace of your class

•  Let the Library help refresh and renew subject matter you will need for standardized tests, whether those tests are done within your state, as a part of your prep for national college entrance tests or you are going to take an assessment test when entering a Community College or Technical school.  The Lifetime Library isn’t a program to teach you the ‘mechanics of taking a national test’; it helps you gauge the strength of your skills.  The Library will help you understand if you have a grasp of basic math, reading, writing and Algebra skills.  The Library is an important part of preparing for virtually any assessment test.

•  The Library is “personal and private” – you can work at your own pace.  There are no cartoons, animations or “crazy animals or characters”.  Built in placement tests will “give you credit for what you know and start you in a place where your knowledge is not as strong”.

•  You will interact with and learn subject matter in a manner that will help you gain a new perspective on something you may not fully understand!

What Other Students Have Said

•  “I have used the Library – and am really glad I did!  It worked for me!”

•  “I have had access to the Library at school and it has helped me gain confidence in math and I am now doing much better!”

•  “My reading skills have not been very good.  My teacher has wanted me to study more – but studying didn’t work.  Using the Lifetime Library helped me understand things better so my reading skills improved.”

Using the Library

•  Using the Library is simple and easy.  With a User Name and password, you log into   Once logged in you have all the tools at your disposal.  Access the Lifetime Library through a PC or Mac computer using popular browsers.

•  It is always recommended that you take the Placement Test for the series you want to work in.  There’s one for Math, for Algebra, Reading and Writing.  Be sure to allow enough time (about 30-45 minutes) to complete your Placement Test so you are starting in the right place.  You don’t have to take them all at one time – if you aren’t going to work in Algebra for a while, wait to take that Placement Test until you’re ready to move into Algebra.

•  You may want to work through the Lifetime Library in a sequential manner – moving from one book to the next – after successfully completing a book.  You may know several topics you need to work on and because you can move around as desired, you and pick and choose the lessons of your choice.  No matter which way you use the Library, letting the system help you understand what you know and where to start is both a positive step in getting help from the Lifetime Library.  Call it a personal tutor – without the attitude!

•  Best of all, if you think you know a subject matter, you can “give yourself credit” and take the “final test” at any time.  If you pass, you continue to move on knowing the Library has given you ‘credit’ for what you already know.  (And you can even go back to review the material in the lesson anytime you want – just because you test out does not mean you can’t review whenever you want!)

Ready to Start Putting the Lifetime Library to Use?

The Lifetime Library is a powerful learning tool – but it’s priced affordably for learners at all levels.

To purchase your one-time license for the Lifetime Library, please go to our “Purchase” page.

Once you have purchased the Library, you will receive an email with information about getting started.  You’ll want to come back to this website to login, view weekly Learning Minute videos and view our “Getting Started” video tutorial.

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