STEM Centric Career Development

We all hear a lot about the emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Yet, what if you don’t want to focus on science or engineering? We all know people who go into teaching, retail, the automotive industry, website development, broadcast – radio, TV and Internet content, etc. What do these folks need with science and math and engineering? (Actually, quite a bit!) As we continue into a more technological age, the need to be ‘functionally’ literate in these areas is more important than ever. It’s true that more career paths require more knowledge in the STEM areas than before. The following is a .pdf document. It’s only 3 pages. But you might find it interesting. It’s focus is how STEM impacts “main street careers” all the way to outer space. Math, engineering, technology is hard for a lot of people. But maybe with some sense of the “need to be a bit better”, you can find (for yourself — or you can help your students or your kids) find STEM related programs that will help them according to their abilities, skills and initial level of interest!  See the PDF document here>>>
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