STEM careers wide open for women

By Lifetime Library on November 18, 2013 in Lifetime Learning Blog

11-18-13 LTL Blog PostThis is an article from  The article was authored by Cathy Wentz.  When working on this blog post, the intention was to talk about math and “food curriculum and careers”.  There are a lot of ads on TV these days about “joining the culinary industry”.  Sounds great. Lots of people love to cook — and think of themselves as better than average. And you know?… there are some great culinary schools out there.  But becoming a great chef or cook requires good math skills… especially if you’re going to pursue “food as a career”.  So when looking for information about this, we happened upon this article. It seemed like a logical place to go… right?  The issue of STEM remains important.  It’s a short article and we think the gist is simple… there are great opportunities for girls in the fields of chemistry, science, research, etc. Yet, as this article points out, these fields still tend to be dominated by males. It seems difficult to get girls interested in science, chemistry, etc.  There are no simple answers.  But as your read through this, you’ll note that one individual had a chemistry teacher that inspired her. Our take away is… encourage BOTH boys and girls to learn about the opportunities that come about from being good at math, science, computers, etc. Work hard to find teachers that can inspire, be mentors, be a guiding hand to projects that make boys AND girls sit up and say: “I like this!”  Here’s a link to the article.

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