Start a Mentoring Program?

Have you ever thought about (or been approached by teachers or other parents) starting a mentoring program? There are many options. Mentoring advanced students – or those with academic needs. Starting a mentoring program can be challenging – and rewarding as you develop it – and grow it. The following is from a Youth in Action website — dating back to 1999 — a time prior to some of today’s technology. But the information is sound. You may want to explore the site. If starting a mentoring program sounds like something students in your area would benefit from, we encourage you to explore the Youth in Action site and talk to teachers, counselors, principals and other parents/students who have started mentoring programs. Good luck!
To be effective, a mentoring program requires training for potential mentors, careful matching of mentors and children being mentored, and ongoing support to maintain and improve the mentoring relationship. To meet these goals, your group should learn about and develop ties to organizations in your community that offer services or provide information that would be helpful for you and those you are mentoring. MORE>>>  
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