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Getting Started Video

If you already have a User ID and PW for the online version of the Lifetime Library and are ready to get started (or are re-starting after not having used the Library for a period of time) view our “Getting Started” video here.  Note… the Getting Started video is played in 3 parts.  You can watch them consecutively or click the small “playlist” icon in the bottom tray of the video screen.

Please note, if you have an older CD-based version of the Library you cannot use them with the current online version of the Lifetime Library.  You will need to upgrade to the latest version of the Library in order to access the program. 

Multimedia Principles and Design of the Lifetime Library

The “multimedia” nature of the Lifetime Learning is one of the reasons the Lifetime Library works so well.  Please review a summary of the “Learning Principles Incorporated in the Design of The Lifetime Library® by Dr. Rolf W. Parsons, Ph. D.  You will need Adobe Reader to view this document.

The multimedia design allows learners to listen, view/watch, read, answer questions, look up word definitions, view words in Spanish, take practice and challenge exercises, final lesson tests and view their progress. 



Rolf Parsons Review of the Lifetime Library

Scope & Sequence and Skills Matrix of the Lifetime Library

To see how skills are emphasized in the Lifetime Library, view “Scope and Sequence” and “Skills Matrix” documentation by clicking the links below.  You will need Adobe Reader to open and view these documents.

These documents are  typically viewed by educators – but are  available for parents and home school families alike.   

In these documents, you will find, for example, the skill “Add Fractions” as being emphasized in Math 3, Lesson 1 and as an “integrated skill” in Lessons 2–6.  An emphasized skill is one of the main instructional topics of the lesson.  An integrated skill is used in the lesson as a secondary focus to other skills being emphasized to the progression of learning.

PDF_SymbolLifetime Library Scope and Sequence – Online Learning Documentation

Lifetime Library Skills Matrix – Online Learning Documentation

User Guides

The following two User Guides will help you get started with the Library.  The first User Guide is the “Quick Start Guide” for individual users. Feel free to open it and then save a copy on your computer.  It’s short and simple (easy to follow) yet provides great information for getting started.

The second User Guide is one that shows you how to “allow pop-ups from our server”.  It is important you open this guide and follow the instructions. (Again, feel free to save a copy to your computer.)  This is a “step-by-step” guide — it is easy to follow.  By following the instructions in this User’s Guide, you will allow pop-ups from the Library’s server and allow the Lifetime Library website to be recognized as a “trusted site” by your browser — all while leaving all your other settings in place.


Quick Start Guide 2013

Fixing Pop-ups 2013

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