Video & Audio Samples for Reading

Reading 1 Video Sample

Reading 1 VIDEO screen shot

Reading 1 starts with “daily and essential reading topics”. The Lifetime Library’s reading series is designed to help learners at all levels. For those with strong reading skills, getting into the second reading series focuses on comprehension of books (novels and texts) so when it comes time to study and learn science and history, it’s easier to read and understand. For those with lower reading skills, the first series is about “functional reading”.  The goal is to help learners realize “life is greatly enhanced” when one can read… signs, billboards, advertisements, job postings, newspapers, product labels and more.



Reading 1 Audio Sample

Like all lessons in the Lifetime Library, learners can read on their own or have the text narrated so they can ‘read along’. This is a great option to have as learning is enhanced with visuals and audio. For individuals with reading difficulties, the narration feature is a great tool!

Reading 1 AUDIO screen shot

The audio  sample below is taken from an early Reading 1 book.  It explains to the learner “what’s coming up”.  Reading can be a difficult topic for many.  If reading is difficult, it becomes a chore.  The Library’s reading series follows along the rest of the Library’s design and methods.  With a clear understanding — often being comprehended at the aid of the narration tools — learners can set out to quickly build their reading skills.  After all, many other learning difficulties are the result of reading at a lower level than desired!


Reading 2 Video Sample

Reading 2 - Twain video screen shot2

In this video sample, “Famous Amos” sets the stage for understanding how writers write! Writers have reasons for their style, story telling, development of characters, use of humor (whether blatant or subtle!). The lesson is about how Mark Twain wrote in such a way as to tell the reader that human nature is a funny thing — tell someone not to do something and … they will do that very thing!  Reading 2 is a fun series that provides learners with key foundational skills that set the stage for reading more complex subjects — and comprehending them!

Reading 2 Audio Sample

Reading 2 - Twain audio screen shot

In the following audio sample, the narrator sets the tone for this book.  He tells the learner that “the writer has a job to do” when developing his/her story.  It may be using humor, or it may involve comparisons and contrasts.  The objective is to help readers grasp a writer’s methods so they can focus on the ‘content’ — and enjoy the story or understand the learning topic of a science, history or otherwise text-related book.


Reading 2 Video Sample

Reading 2 - Science video screen shot1

Reading 2 goes beyond a “writer’s style” and other similar topics from the initial books of this series. Reading 2 gets into science, history and social studies.  These topics are included to help learners get a bit immersed in them, while learning in the same “Lifetime Library multimedia methods” — and learning “how to comprehend” such material.  Being able to understand how to read and comprehend such subject matter sets the stage for learning more in-depth science, history and social studies — and not be lost or bewildered.  Reading 2 is often considered one of the best things about the Lifetime Library!

Reading 2 Audio Sample

Reading 2 - Science audio screen shot1In the final audio sample for Reading 2, you see that the Library will also provide “recaps and summaries”.  In this case, the narrator is reading the onscreen text to the learner telling him/her that there were two main subjects covered in this lesson.  Reading, viewing, listening and doing… are all part of what makes the Lifetime LIbrary a valuable online learning program for a wide range of learners!


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