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The Lifetime Library is the perfect supplemental learning aid you’ll use now and in the years to come!

Buy the most affordable learning software available today – The Lifetime Library!

Institutional/Educational Licenses:  For annual or multi-year education/institutional licenses/subscriptions (including businesses and government and/or military learning environments), please review the information on the Educators or Business or Government/Military pages of this website.

Note to Individual Purchasers: When you order, your order will be received in our office. Based on educator input and feedback, we do not allow individuals to set up their own user names and passwords.  All new accounts are set up within 1-business day with log in credentials and first-time user instructions sent by return email. 

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The Lifetime Library: $99.99  (Item # 3L-BMM)

It is all-inclusive.  When you purchase the Lifetime Library, you are receiving a one-time/permanent license to use the Library for one User.  You will access the Lifetime Library on the Internet using a PC or Mac computer using current operating systems and browsers.  System requirements are noted in a sub-page on the Resources portion of this site.

  • When you purchase the Lifetime Library, you will receive a response email with your User ID and Password.
  • You will also receive links to PDF files for your User’s Guides and Quick Start Guide that will guide you to getting started with the Lifetime Library.  (They are also available in the Resources portion of this website.) Remember, you can always view our “Getting Started” video overview.  This link will also be provided in the email you receive.
  • Each User ID and Password provides the student/learner with a “personal records” book.  It keeps track of your progress and you will see which books of the Library you have started and passed as well as those you haven’t started or need to spend more time with based on your results.
  • Each User ID and Password provides the student/learner with access to built-in Placement Tests – guiding students/learners to the appropriate starting point in each of the four main learning series.
  • Additional Licenses for other students/learners in the household are available.

Additional User ID and Passwords: $29.99 (ea.)  (Item # 3L-BMX)

User ID’s and Passwords are designed for ONE learner only.  An individual using a specific User ID and Password can take Placement Tests and track his/her progress.  Another individual using the same User ID and Password will not be able to take Placement Tests and will inappropriately be adding to and altering progress records of the individual for whom the User ID and Password is intended.  

Additional User ID’s and Passwords are specifically affordable so you others in your household don’t have to ‘share’ account and login information. 

Already Have a User ID and PW?

If you have already purchased your license for the Lifetime Library and are ready to get started (or haven’t used it in a while and want to get restarted), please view our “Getting Started” video tutorial in the Resources portion of our site!

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