Power Posing for Better Presentation

A very interesting video. It’s about 17 minutes, but take time to watch it all the way through. This is valuable for students at all levels – especially those reaching 8th/9th grade – and moving through Snr. High and into post secondary schooling. The knowledge to start early – can have many benefits throughout one’s life – school, career, etc. For those of you who are a bit older – and have some working experience – think about your own situation. If you’re a parent, watch this, encourage your children to watch it, and help them understand this in a constructive and productive manner. Competition for job, entrance to schools, obtaining funding for a business, etc. is going to face every one of us throughout out lives. Getting a “leg up” on others isn’t always such a bad thing! And when it comes to the learning environment, students are doing more and more presentations all the time. The ability to present publicly is an enormous asset when you do it well. Now’s the time to start — regardless of your age! Enjoy!
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