Supplemental Learning for your Child or Home School

For Parents and Home Schools Seeking Supplemental Instruction or Curriculum

woman using computer with sonMany parents look for learning resources to help their children.  There are a variety of books, products that drill, tutoring services and single-focus software that don’t promote long-termskills development.  The Lifetime Library is different.  The Internet is a great tool for searching for learning resources and it is common to search for learning software and online learning tools and training.  Unfortunately, the search process can be exhausting with less-than-satisfactory results.  To find all the tools, products and books you need, you can spend several hundred dollars.  Yet there is nothing that promises you will be providing effective remediation or true learning of basic skills for your children.

It is important to balance true long-term learning support with affordability and effectiveness.  The Lifetime Library is a solution that addresses them all.  The Lifetime Library can provide learning support ‘today as well as the long-term’.  When it comes to providing learning and support for math, reading, writing and Algebra, the Lifetime Library is akin to a learning encyclopedia.  The breadth and depth is there.  It can be used to refresh skills already learned and remediate weak skills and teach skills that a child has yet to be exposed to.  Lessons can be accessed at anytime, to renew skills that will be included in school, state and national standards assessment tests, including those post secondary entrance and assessment tests.

It is a fact that many (if not all) students have some weakness in their academic skills.  Not everyone fully understands what is taught to them in school or the books chosen by a school or instructor.  Sometimes outside factors impact or impede the learning process.  You want your son or daughter to succeed in school.  The Lifetime Library already plays a significant role in helping thousands of students gain and strengthen foundational skills they need to help them prepare for higher education and/or their eventual careers.  More importantly, when your son and daughter has a good foundation of basic skills, they will be more inclined to like more subjects in school and take an interest in some form of higher learning.

Of significance is the ‘competitive’ circumstances students face when applying for advanced classes and/or college entrance.  Many parents are interested in helping their sons and daughters gain a competitive edge wherever possible.  The Lifetime Library is one of the tools that can support a student’s academic needs – and parents can help.  The Library is an affordable academic software product that can effectively help students prepare for standards tests, assessment tests and college entrance exams by helping them zero in on skills that need to be refreshed, renewed and remediated.  And with built-in Placement Tests, your son or daughter will start at the correct place – giving them the credit they deserve for what they already know and understand!


•  A solid foundation in Reading, Writing and Math is vital to the long term educational progress of your children. 

•  The Library can play an important role helping your children catch up or accelerate their learning, thus keeping them motivated. 

•  The Library is affordable – a one-time license fee provides permanent access to the Library.

•  The Library is “browser and computer platform independent” – it can be accessed on a PC or Mac with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

•  Every lesson is designed with life-applications in mind.

•  Instruction, narration, video and content helps students understand and comprehend the subject matter.

•  Real learning occurs – this is not a “drill-only” (and boring) product.

•  It is self-paced and personal (no one looks over their shoulder and there is no peer pressure).

•  Being multimedia, it is engaging.  The built-in tools such as narration, language translator, calculator, dictionary, record keeping, practice & challenge exercises make this a “complete learning system”. 

•  Built-in placement tests lets your son/daughter start at the “appropriate place” – essentially crediting them for what they already know – something they will appreciate!

•  Let the Library help refresh and renew subject matter they will need for standardized tests, whether those tests done within your state or as a part of their preparing for national college entrance tests.  The Library does not teach the “mechanics” of taking a test, but helps your child understand if they have a mastery of the skills – which in the long-run, is what will make their educational careers successful.

What Others Say

•  “I have seen my children come to understand subject matter they have not mastered before.”

•  “My son was not doing well with his schooling and until we started to use the Lifetime Library, his daily lessons were a struggle to get through – you have made our lives better.”

•  “It’s no longer a matter of arguing about school and learning because when you have the right learning products like the Lifetime Library that are personal, self-paced and private, my kids do better!” 

Using the Library

The Library is simple and easy to use so your children will get up and running quickly.

•  When you purchase a License of the Lifetime Library, your child will be given a unique User Name and Password.  Should you wish to obtain an “administrative” User Name and PW, one can be provided at no-cost.  We support parents becoming involved with their children’s learning pursuits and encourage them to monitor their activity and provide the proper motivation.  The Lifetime Library is a great tool to help your children firm up their skills so they will be more confident as they advance through the grades.

•  We always recommend that first time users go take the four Placement Tests.  That way your children will know where to start in the Library.

•  Though the Lifetime Library is a great ‘personal tutor’, you may find you want to refresh your own skills (especially in math and Algebra) so you can assist your children when they have questions about their homework that’s been assigned by their teacher.  We are always happy to accommodate a parent who is involved and helping their children with their learning.  After purchasing the Lifetime Library for your child, please contact us for assistance.


The Library will fit in nicely into your program.  For most individual users of the Library, they will be able to freely move around the books of the Library with the bookshelf being set to “Open Bookshelf status”.  As part of a Home School program, we can arrange for the bookshelf to be “Closed” – requiring students to complete one book in a series before the next one will be available.  Providing this flexibility allows you to be in control of the Lifetime Library for your “home school learning” program.

Ready to Start Putting the Lifetime Library to Use?

The Lifetime Library is a powerful learning tool – but it’s priced affordably for learners at all levels.

To purchase your one-time license for the Lifetime Library, please go to our “Purchase” page.

Once you have purchased the Library, you will receive an email with information about getting started.  You’ll want to come back to this website to login, view weekly Learning Minute videos and view our “Getting Started” video tutorial.

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