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We’ve posted a few links to articles about technology and learning. The first one dates back several years before iPads and other portable devices were available. Seems then people were skeptical about price, content, etc. Bill and Melinda Gates’ Foundation talked about the value of technology as long as there is good content to be accessed. Other studies and articles show technology is coming to the classroom and it’s more a matter of how it’s put to use. The following is an October 2012 article from THE Journal (an education industry publication). It seems to be a pretty succinct summary of how technology is going to grow. In fact, many of you have heard of the Consumer Electronic Show that occurs each year in January in Las Vegas — where the world of consumer electronics shows off the next generation of electronic gadgets they hope we’ll all crave! One of the areas they see as being “big” is in education. Given the fact that students now populating the K-12 ranks are “digital natives”, it seems inevitable technology and learning will come together. This is an interesting article and a few things stated mirror what Lifetime Learning, Inc. has said for years about the Lifetime Library. It’s for the individual student. He or she can learn at his or her own pace — and as their schedules permit. We’re thrilled to see this is more true now than ever. But over and above that is the fact that students can get text books on “devices” now – for less cost and much more quickly. They can interact with students across the globe. If they are home schooled they can now have access to the same applications as the students in schools. Nothing is definitive in the world of education. However, maybe this article helps solidify the point. There are still “issues and concerns” that are legitimate. But as we said before, “there’s no time like the present to get involved and help shape how schools will use technology to the benefit of learners!”  Enjoy the article.  
Students can progress through material at their own pace and learn in ways that best suit their individual learning styles.

Technology in education can also enable learning to take place anytime, anywhere, according to the report. This freedom can help students acquire new languages and learn about other cultures by interacting with other students across the globe. It can also enable homeschooled students to access the same apps and online resources as their traditionally schooled counterparts. Students in the classroom can also benefit by being able to attend specialized or advanced online classes to extend their classroom learning. At the college level, online education can also enable people to earn degrees, regardless of their location.
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