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Here’s one you might not have expected in the “educational blog”. But we’re adding it anyway! This is a “business article” – and it’s about how a company can improve profits and cut its marketing budget simply by elevating its customer service one level above crap! The challenge in the learning environment is to break this article into its pieces – and discuss it in class. We all have instant communication devices – whether you’re in business or still a student. YOU DO HAVE AN INFLUENCE on what a company does – or should do! You have an opportunity to look for places to buy stuff – whether for yourself or for your parents and family – that provide good customer service. You can help find businesses that treat their customers well – because they value your business and want you to return. And by learning this “observatory trait early in life” will make you a better, more conscientious consumer in your years to come! But… are there lessons to be learned about your own life? Can you still be aggressive at learning – and pursuing your chosen career … and still treat people fairly? Can you still get what you need to get ahead without treating people “like crap”? I challenge you to take this up in one of your civics or modern day history classes. This is a fun subject and we thank the author and MarketingProfs for it. (hopefully my link lets you read the entire article without having to sign up with MarketingProfs.)

In the ’80s, in the days of Michael Milken and Gordon Gekko, the rule on the street was “eat your young.” Nice guys finish last. Hold your information. Keep the rules to yourself. Win at all costs.
No matter who or what you have to trample.
Today, with the advent of mobile technology and 24-hour-connectivity, those days are long gone. And those who have yet to realize that are on their way to being… MORE>>>

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