New Math? Old Math? Ever Know the Difference?

By Lifetime Library on November 26, 2012 in Lifetime Learning Blog, Uncategorized
We ran across the question: “what really is NEW math?” Got us to thinking about it. It seems the best way to describe it is in comparison mode. Old math was memorization. New math is… ‘problem solving’? If you’ve ever looked at the Lifetime Library, you can see it was designed to help learners understand the concepts of math, reading, writing and algebra in the context of “real world situations”. But in reality, it’s also been designed to help learners grasp concepts in a way maybe instructors aren’t providing. Not saying teachers aren’t doing their job, but as class sizes grow, budgets are cut, lots of students get caught in the middle. So “new math” gets you closer to ‘hands on learning’ vs. strict arithmetic. Maybe there’s room for a bit of both? This article isn’t the end-all — but maybe gets you thinking and talking to your student’s instructors so you can play a bigger role in helping your kids learn and prepare for their role in the world!
… “from teacher “telling” and student recitation to “inquiry” and “discovery,” with the hope that students would be more likely to retain information they found out themselves than what was just told to them in lecture form and memorized.  …. “
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