More on Technology in the School Room

By Lifetime Library on December 10, 2012 in Lifetime Learning Blog, Uncategorized
In past posts we’ve talked about technology and where it’s going. It seems that as little as 3-5 years ago, there were big questions as to how (or if) it will be incorporated into the learning process. The Gates Foundation came out saying “it’s all about learning content”… meaning, if learning content is available and can be delivered with technology, the digital “explosion” will reach the school room. Take a look at this very short article. It merely shows that technology is no longer as “scary” as it maybe once was. Schools are adopting it and moving aggressively. Is this a good thing? Seems this school district thinks so. How about your schools? Is it time? Have you gotten involved? In the case of Eden Prairie MN, they’ll pay for technology by adjusting budgets related to text books. And that probably makes sense if the text books are now available on notebook computers and tablets. Good or bad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!
From new iPads to MacBook laptops, Eden Prairie schools are beginning an extensive technology initiative this month that will be rolled out over the next four years.
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