Meteorites – for Younger Learners!

There’s been a lot of interest in meteoroids, meteors and meteorites since the big meteorite hit earth in Russia a while ago. The topic is fun – and it’s a good way to start learning about astronomy. The following is a fun article about the topic … and may be one you want to read twice so you get it straight in your mind! (By the way, it’s from the Kids Know It Network – so thanks to them!)  At the end of the article is a fun little 2 minute video. So click the “more” link below and have some fun learning the basics of meteorites! Maybe you’ll want to start exploring astronomy more – and maybe even the learning path of “astrophysics”! Want to know more about what astrophysics is all about – do an online search and see where it takes you!
You have probably heard of a shooting or falling star, but have you ever seen one? If you have ever spent any amount of time looking up at the night sky, then you probably have – a flash of light streaking high above through the darkness for just a moment, disappearing just as quickly as it appeared…   MORE>>>
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