Math Lesson Video Sample

This is one of the many examples of how the Lifetime Library helps learners grasp subject matter in different ways. Martha has difficulty with fractions but must know how to add and subtract them for an upcoming job placement test. In this particular lesson she is shown a Math 3 - Fractions VIDEO screen shot“new way” to start learning fractions that sets her up for more complex fraction problems. Without the “new perspective” she has gained, she might be tempted to “give up hope”!

Math Lesson Audio Sample

Like all lessons in the Lifetime Library, learners can read on their own or have the text narrated so they can ‘read along’. This is a great option to have as learning is enhanced with visuals and audio. For individuals with Reading difficulties, the narration feature is a gMath 3 - Fractions AUDIO screen shotreat tool!

The following audio sample (below) is from the same math lesson as the video above. Learners can follow along with what’s on the page.



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