Selecting a Lesson in Math

Placing your cursor on any given book will display the “quick title” of the book in the gray bar on top of the bookshelf. Book 2 Math 3 is about learning to add and subtract fractions. It’s a starting point that helps learners grasp the concept in an insightful and unique manner, setting the stage for learning how to add and subtract more complex fractions!

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Math 3 - Learning Fractions with Video


Starting a new book and any of its chapters always start with a video.  Video sets the stage and plays several minutes at the beginning.  Thereafter, short video segments (often a minute or less) continue to reinforce the learning concept!

Math 1 - Learning Math with Video


Learning is enhanced with the addition of video.  Video reinforced learning concepts and provides additional support.  Learning that involves reading, watching, listening and “doing” is a proven method that works – and it can be fun!

Math 1 - Multiplication Practice


The Library is engaging!  Learner’s often get opportunities to answer a question while working through the lesson.  No one pressures learners – as they can check their answer, work at their own pace and review material until they feel confident!

Learning Math Online - answering questions correctly


When questions are answered, learners “check” to see if they’re correct or incorrect.  When answered incorrectly, explanations are provided to help the learning process.  Just giving the answer doesn’t always mean learners ‘understand’ it!

Math 1 - Multiplication Instruction 2


The Library will always show different ways to understand a concept. (Whether it’s math, reading or writing)

Math 1 - Multiplication Instruction


Math helps learners at all levels. If early math skills are weak, the Library helps. Mastering early math skills sets learners up to use the Library for years!


Every book has a final test. There are no hints or answers. This is the ultimate test! A score of 80% will mark a book “complete”.  If you don’t get 80%, you can see questions you missed and test again!  You’re in control!

Math Knowledge Testing


Never leave a chapter without getting some “useful information”

Math 3 - Learning Math Online

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