Loss of Extracurricular Activities — does it impact learning?

By Lifetime Library on November 19, 2012 in Lifetime Learning Blog, Uncategorized
We found this article. It’s pretty basic. But it points out the many benefits of students participating in “programs” – sports, music, dance, etc. We often hear the call for saving a school’s budget by simply dropping the football, hockey, basketball, baseball and track programs. You’ve maybe thought that yourself. Yet, if this simple article holds any merit, you’ll see how extra curricular school programs help students prepare for life after high school — be it college, military, technical school or joining the workforce. Our message to parents all the time is ‘stay involved’. Some of you may not be financial wizards or good with budgets. That’s okay. Align with others in your school community who are and help your schools, school boards (to the extent they are open to ideas and input!) find creative ways to continue IMPROVING the learning programs in school – while being able to keep activities and programs that help students with social and teamwork skills, exercise, mental growth, etc.
The loss of funding for extracurricular activities in high school can have a negative impact on students, including loss of exercise, school trips, dances, sports and even the future of the students’ educational careers… More>>>
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