Lighting a Green Screen

By Lifetime Library on December 20, 2012 in Lifetime Learning Blog, Uncategorized
Students today are so much more “digitally native” than any student of the past 2 decades. They now make their own presentations and have access to some pretty neat (yet basic) technology. If you have access to such equipment – or a teacher who would love to help you do this kind of thing, that’s great! Video presentations are the wave of the future. We see video all over the place. While it’s fun to see the funny amateur “you post it” videos on You Tube, maybe you’ll want to create something for your history, science, English or other classes… or to honor a loved one, your parent’s anniversary, a special birthday event, or a holiday gathering. If you have the ability to use some of today’s editing software, you can do some really fun stuff! This short tutorial about setting up and lighting a green screen might be of interest! Note some of the subtleties and references to math. The world is full of it – so don’t think you don’t need it!
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