Lifetime Learning’s Learning Minutes – Dinosaurs

Lifetime Learning’s pleased to announce it is going to be rolling out some new Learning Minutes videos. These learning minutes are just that… about one minute in length – and be fun! They’ll cover a wide range of topics — from science, math, history, learning practices, helping students learn and study, etc. They’re not meant to replace any learning curriculum – but may help you (if you’re a student) re-energize a bit and seek out some learning you maybe didn’t think you were interested in. (Or maybe some of your friends don’t want you to be interested… because they aren’t!) For parents, this is also fun but maybe some simple tidbits of information to help you help your student. Give it a try, keep watching for more of these. We’ll even be creating a space on the Lifetime Learning website ( for these Learning Minutes. 
(p.s. there are lots of other sites on the web that have begun using the term Lifetime Library and Lifetime Learning. We’re one of the original users of these names that goes back more than 2-decades… and are proud of the Lifetime Library and Lifetime Learning reputation.  The company’s goal is to continue providing good learning materials… and the Learning Minutes are just one more of these efforts!)
Let us know what you think in the comments!
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