Learning Minutes

Learning Minutes are short learning videos created and presented by actual teachers!  Most are for students – although some (like Learning Minute #5) are for parents.  But mostly, they are for everyone!  They’re fun, fast paced and meant to provide a short education break in the day!  Come back often for more Learning Minutes from Lifetime Learning.

If you’re a teacher that would like to be part of the Learning Minutes presenter team, contact us using the Contact Form inside the Lifetime Library’s website!

Study Tips for Parents

Mark Sackett – Science Teacher provides a simple outline to help parents help their kids develop good study habits.  Start simple and work up to ensure your students develop good study habits and work toward better and more consistent grades!

Learning Minute #5

Cloud in a Bottle

Mark Sackett – Science Teacher presents a fun overview of high and low pressure by demonstrating how to make a “cloud in a bottle”  This is something students can try at home.  (Be sure to supervise younger children when doing this!)

Learning Minute #4

Learning Minute #3


Southern Sky

Mark Sackett – Science Teacher discusses the Southern Sky and how to find the beautiful constellation: Orion!  If in the northern hemisphere — look in the southern sky in the morning hours when it’s Fall and Winter… and in the evening hours when it’s Spring and Summer!

Learning Minute #2


Northern Sky

Mark Sackett – Science Teacher discusses the Northern Sky and how to find the Big Dipper, the Small Dipper, the pointer starts within each — taking you to Polaris — or the Northstar!



Mark Sackett – Science Teacher displays some interesting items that provide evidence dinosaurs really existed!  His artifacts are real — and he even has a wonderful surprise for you at the end of his short presentation!

Learning Minute #1

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