Learning Hand Eye Coordination

Every now and then you find something kind of interesting. With fall sports upon us, you start to see kids in school leagues and programs. You know some will go on to play more sports and others won’t. Sometimes you think about the “learning process” being more than math, writing, reading, etc. You sometimes wonder how the “natural athlete” develops keen hand-eye coordination. You then wonder – “can you start your kids off early to LEARN hand-eye coordination? Here’s a link to a website that provides some exercises you can do with/for your kids. It may be oriented toward younger kids – but if this is interesting to you, you can search for other exercises for kids reaching the end of their elementary school years and heading to middle and high school. Whether playing sports is a priority or not, if you ask any adult to think about it, they’ll tell you good hand-eye coordination comes in handy throughout life!  Enjoy!
Do you want to help your child develop good Hand Eye Coordination? These free gross motor exercises are just for you! With lots of photos to help you along, every activity has been tried by real-life children and will give you and your child hours of fun…

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