Is the Atom more fun than a motorbike?

This video is from Top Gear. It’s been seen more than 10-million times! Maybe you’ve seen it before. The title is a bit of a teaser too! This is about the dynamics of a unique automobile. It’s a FUN video – but full of learning. If you can get your science or math teacher interested – and get him/her to talk about this, what a fun lesson! When you view this, consider the math that’s involved. For those outside the United Kingdom – or those that aren’t used to metric measurements, consider these issues: 1) Converting the cost of the car in British Pounds to U.S. Dollars. 2) When he talks about weight in kilograms – convert the weight to pounds. Listen for other differences – like when he talks about “curves in the road” as “bends”. Watch his face when he reaches high speed and talks about G-Forces in the curves.  Ask your science and math teachers to talk about g-forces. Ask to talk about “over and under steer” too. For those just starting to learn to drive – remember you have to LEARN to drive PROPERLY before you EVER think about getting involved in any kind of speed driving. SAFETY ALWAYS COMES FIRST. Then – if you LOVE driving, ask your parents if you can work to earn the money to go to a professional driving school. Ask you teachers if you can get extra credit for doing something related to all this. Enjoy the video!
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