Is A Charter School Right For You?

Considering a Charter School for your children? It’s not an easy choice. But you are wise to check them out. Check with your state for performance. Ask for references. Visit them. Ask questions. There are Charter Schools strictly for those in need of credit recovery – and older students who have been classified as “students at-risk”. Maybe they dropped out or had life situations that caused them to endure various hardships. Then there are “academic” Charter Schools – that focus on math and science. Others might focus on athletics. The variety has gotten quite large. Yet, many people don’t fully understand them.  The following article is actually a couple years old. Things change rapidly. Consider this nothing more than a basic primer. We’re not even sure we agree with the conclusions. But if it spurs you to consider Charter Schools – and the options they provide – that’s good. Just remember, keep an open mind, ask questions… and then ask some more. Education is a politicized topic. Try to get beyond it all and focus on the education you can get for your children. With a good education and good training, the world has huge opportunities for them! 

For almost two decades, charter schools have evolved as a way to experiment with education innovations and provide public school choice. The charter school concept has attracted significant interest—and scrutiny—from the nation’s education leaders. While sometimes hailed as a model for raising student achievement, charters also are often misunderstood among the public at large. In fact, despite the unprecedented attention given to charter schools by President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, the majority of Americans have little understanding of this growing sector of American education. Since charter schools are poised for another growth spurt, understanding what charter schools are, and especially whether they work, is crucial. From the available research, it seems that the attention paid to charter schools outweighs the effect they have had on public education, either good or bad.  MORE>>>
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