Putting the Library to use in Business and Military Settings

computer classroom 4The Lifetime Library has a role to play in business and military settings.

Businesses want employees to succeed.  Successful employees are happier on the job, contribute more and generally express themselves better.  Successful employees are more apt to gain promotion and help (mentor) others coming in to the company as new hires.  But it doesn’t stop there.

•  Some employees aren’t ready for advancement or feel stuck in a particular role.  They have the desire to do more, but don’t have the educational background.  Yet, they may not be ready for formal after-hour school settings yet.  They may not have time to enroll in a local college or community college.  Companies can provide the Lifetime Library as a way to help employees prepare for additional schooling – or even job advancement testing administered by your HR or training departments.

•  We encourage companies to make the Library available to the spouses and children of their employees.  It goes beyond providing a “new perquisite” to employees, but shows a company values employees beyond the confines of the office walls.

Review the “Business” page that’s part of this section of the Library’s website.  If you have any questions or ideas of how you want to put the Lifetime Library to use in your company, contact us.  We’re ready to develop a multi-user subscription program for your company.

The military is “one of the world’s largest employers”!  
With the military’s emphasis on “high tech”, gaining advancement to some of today’s (and tomorrow’s) best opportunities requires military personnel to be ready to learn, master high-tech skills – and demonstrate ability.  It often starts with the foundations of math, Algebra, reading and writing.  It can be hard work, but the military wants to see their personnel succeed.  And for those the military knows will serve their term and take advantage of learning and jobs programs provided by the military, use of the Lifetime Library while on active duty helps set the stage.

The Library’s already being used in many military learning labs around the world.  We are happy to discuss the opportunities for other locations.  And like businesses, the Library is a great learning tool for spouses and children of both active and discharged military personnel.  Please review the “Military” page that’s part of this section of the website.

•  To obtain the Library for learning labs, contact us directly.

•  To obtain the Library for individual use – or for family members, please use one of the “contact forms” that are included in this site.

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