How to Retrain for a Second Career

Today’s link comes from Chief Learning Officer magazine. You can read this article from a couple of perspectives. If you’re in a business and making decisions on downsizing, retraining, etc. this is something to review. If you’re an employee thinking of a new career, whether you should go through a re-training program (with your company or through other means), consider the main issue in this article: that of “Understanding Who You Are” and what your “personal preferences are”. This gets into learning and understanding your Personality Type. For some people, the ‘process’ of learning your personality type is daunting, frustrating, scary or something you want to simply run away from. But as the article says: “when a company pays attention to this and uses it properly, they can help employees re-train and actually become more engaged, happier and productive.” If you’re an individual thinking this through, you can take the bull by the horns and start to learn your own personality type – and work with your boss/company to make sure you’re in the right position… or if you’re looking for a new job and you get asked the proverbial question during an interview “what are your strengths and weaknesses”, you can talk about “who you are” and what kind of things will make you a great employee for the company! 

The first step in retraining for a new role involves helping employees distinguish learned behaviors from natural preferences — innate mental processes that drive how people perceive information and make decisions. 
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