How to be a Confident Speaker!

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The following article has 11 Paradoxes of Being a Better Speaker.  While this may be more for people in the workforce or college students, you’ll likely find something here to help you!  

There’s one simple trick to beginning your “presentation journey”… and whether you have to give a report in class, a group presentation or do some basic introductions at school concerts and plays, consider this:  “Before you stand up and actually speak, find time (1-3 days prior) when the room is empty.  Go in, shut the door, stand up and start speaking… talk to the “empty room”. You feel silly at first.  But do 2-3 run-throughs and practice moving around and gesturing.  You get your “presentation flow and pacing” correct and start getting energized because you’re building confidence!  

As you progress in school, college or in business, you’ll find standing up and “rehearsing” in an open room changes nervousness to being “anxious to start” because you know you’re ready!  

Becoming a GOOD speaker is invaluable!  You can do it!  

We’ve all heard how frightened nearly everyone is of public speaking. Maybe that’s understandable, but it creates the potential for lots of misinformed conventional wisdom spread by people who have to make presentations but haven’t had the opportunity to learn what really works.  Read more>>> 
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