The Learning Features and Process of the Lifetime Library

The Lifetime Library’s Bookshelf

Before starting the Library, you can take a Placement Test for each of the four learning series. The Placement Test is specific to the Library’s learning content. When you take a placement test, you may go a dozen questions — or 100 questions! Your mastery of the skills determines how far you go into the Placement Test. If your mastery of the skills is a bit weak, the Placement Test will stop and indicate the best place to start. If your skills are a bit stronger, you will go further into the Placement Test and you’ll start a bit further into the Library.

The Library gives you credit for what you already know – so you don’t have to repeat subject matter for which you have mastered.  But you are always free to look at the books you have ‘tested out of’ and even take the final tests!

Once you have started the Library, you will also see where you left off because “Your Last Activity” is a direct link to that page and book! 

Online Educational Placement Testing



Lifetime Library Bookshelf

Placing the cursor on any given book will display the “quick title” in the gray bar on top of the bookshelf. Book 2 of Math 3 is about learning to add and subtract fraction. It’s a starting point but one that helps learners grasp the concept in an insightful and unique manner – setting the stage for learning how to add and subtract more complex fractions!

Common Features and Page Layouts of the Lifetime Library


The Library is one-dimensional it’s multimedia!  Lots of content – no one does a little bit of work and is left to wonder “what’s next”. T he Library is a RESOURCE for use today – and well into the future.

Books in the Library contain 3 to 5 chapters. Many include an appendix. All books include video and instruction from experts. Icons are consistent and available throughout all books and chapters. There’s  dictionary, the ability to have onscreen text narrated, a calculator, a records book, different types of exercises and testing, a thesaurus and the ability to translate onscreen text to Spanish.

There’s a feedback icon so if anyone experiences a technical difficulty, it can be easily and quickly reported to the Tech Support team.

Multimedia online learning

Educational Video - Algebra

Online Learning with VIDEO and AUDIO Aids 

Video is played in its own window and the viewer can pause, play and adjust volume. As this clip shows, it’s just a bit more than one minute long. It’s a short video that teaches, reinforces and shows learners insight into the subject matter of a given book (in this case, it is Algebra).  Video is integral to all lessons in the Library. It’s part of the multimedia design of the Library — allowing individuals to view, listen, interact, read and test their skills.

Listening to the text of a lesson is simple — just by clicking the “narrate” icon. This window can be moved as needed to individuals can follow along with all the content on the page – and read along while the narrator reads.  Audio narration is also an integral part of the Library and it helps those with weak reading skills — or those who are learning English and want to become more proficient.

Educational Audio - Algebra


Practice and Challenge Exercises


Every book in the Library has Practice and Challenge exercises. When working through these exercises, you will have the ability to get hints (which get more detailed as the questions get more complicated) as well as the answer (once you’ve made your choice and clicked on the “icon with the check mark” to see if you’re correct or not).  When you see what the answer is, you’ll also see an explanation – that is more detailed as the questions get more complex!  The goal is to help learners at all steps!

Online Educational Testing Practice and Chellange Questions


Common (and Uncommon) Online Learning Tools Available Throughout the Lifetime Library

The calculator is available at anytime and in all books of the Library! (As is the Dictionary, Thesaurus, Text Narration, Records, and full Language Translator for onscreen text)

Online Learning Tools and Calculators

Tracking Education Progress 1


Comprehensive Record Keeping and Progress Tracking

Tracking progress is quick and easy. Each user’s ID and PW allows them to look at their progress. Learners can view total time for any book in the Library, wee when they were last studying a particular subject, check their status (i.e. ‘needs work’; ‘passed final test’; started a lesson’; etc.)

Tracking Education Progress 3



View your progress through the entire Library. See what books you have completed, those that are in progress, books you need to continue studying (based on final test results), what you haven’t started and any books you may have tested out of and where the Library placed you — indicating the ‘best starting point’.

The Library is able to help you learn based on your starting skills and helps you develop a study plan that’s unique to you!



Know exactly how you are doing. See the results of final tests, and how you have done on Practice and Challenge exercises. The Library is “complete” – you can keep track of your progress, view your results, identify strengths and skills that need help and attention!

Tracking Education Progress 2

Two unique features include:

  1. Reviewing performance of final tests
  2.  Taking and reviewing performance of “evaluation tests” (an evaluation test is a way to gauge progress. After taking the Placement Test – and working in the Library for a while – individuals can “re-take” the Placement Test in the form of an ‘evaluation test’ – to see where they would place in the Library at that point in time.  If you have been using the Library as it should be, you will see your progress shining through after taking an ‘evaluation test’!

Online Educational Evaluation Testing

Review your final tests.  If you didn’t do well or score an average of 80% (or better) ‘passing score’, you will continue to study the lesson and retake the final test. You can see how you’ve scored EACH TIME!  Where is shows the “review” link, you can review the questions you answered INCORRECTLY – so you can go back and study the concept further to make sure you grasp the concept.  You can retake the final test until you receive the “passing score”.  The point is, you can see immediately where you need help, go back, focus on the portion of the lesson that you need to and continue moving forward.

Online Educational Testing

Like a final test, you can review the results of ‘evaluation tests’.  In this example, the learner would have been positioned in Book 5 having answered 23 of 25 questions. Clicking the “review” link shows the two questions that were incorrectly answered. You are able to re-read the question, think about the answer and ultimately go back to the lesson and continue studying – and at a later time – come back and re-take this test again!

Online Educational Testing 2

Online learning technical support


Providing feedback on any technical matter is simple and easy.  (Sorry… our tech team can’t help you with instruction!  We leave that up to the Library’s content — and the teachers and instructors you may have in your own school or at home in a home school environment!)


Useful Information / What’s Ahead / To Do’s

Never leave a chapter without getting some “useful information”

Math 3 - Learning Math Online


You will always know “what’s ahead” when you start a new book in Math or any part of the Lifetime Library.

Math - Learning Opportunities - What's Ahead


Always see “next steps” – and work on practice and challenge exercises. Some books include an appendix with additional ‘fun information’ on the topic just covered. The Library covers the bases for learners!

Math 3 - Math Practice and Challenge Exercises

Purchasing the Lifetime Library

Acquiring individual, one-time licenses to the Lifetime Library is affordable and easy!  Please click here to go to our “purchase page“.

For schools and other educational learning institutions and large user settings, contact Lifetime Learning using one of the forms you can link to on the purchase page.

Thank you!

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