How Many Light Bulbs?

By Lifetime Library on November 14, 2012 in Lifetime Learning Blog, Uncategorized
An interesting video from a few years ago. (Evident when the speaker talks about energy independence by 2015). The point of this isn’t to sway anyone’s belief about whether we will run out of fossil fuels soon – or never. To us, there’s something you can drive back to the “learning process” (once you reach the end). And that’s: There’s a tremendous opportunity for students today to study and prepare for future careers in ways to help the world with alternate energy TECHNOLOGY! The numbers are staggering. If the goal is to eliminate traditional sources of energy — or simply cut it back by 25 or 50%, the projects governments are embarking on, (adding “nominal” amounts of wind turbines, nuclear plants, etc.) will only make a little dent. The opportunities are enormous for students that want to pursue this field. One can only imagine it could be a lucrative career!
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