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The Lifetime Library – Multimedia Learning that’s Available Online 24/7

The Lifetime Library is a rich, comprehensive and engaging learning product in which learners discover foundational concepts in reading, writing, math and algebra.  It is a unique, multimedia educational program using a vast interactive library of hundreds of lessons to motivate and instruct learners from grade 6 through adult.

The Library was created with content from hundreds of educators around the country.  Content was combined with award winning video to create the learning lessons of the Lifetime Library.  Whether it is used as a supplement to math, reading or writing instructional programs or other learning software, the Library can be used by high school students, individuals preparing for college placement tests or adults as a refresher for employment testing or workplace advancement.

The Lifetime Library is flexible; it is used at “your own pace”.  It is often been referred to as “better than a private tutor” because it’s affordable and delivered online through PC’s, Mac’s and any of the popular Internet browsers.  The Lifetime Library is a complete body of instruction that’s available 24/7 and is viable today – and in the future.

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The Library is effective instruction

  • The Library is built around full motion instructional and engaging video.
  • The core skills needed to succeed in life are provided within the Lifetime Library.

The Library is a personal tutor

  • Learners and students work at their own pace.  Comprehensive placement tests help users quickly find where to start.
  • Dozens of fully worked out examples are available for each topic.  No more guessing how the problem is solved.  Learning is reinforced by seeing the steps and logic behind answers to problems.

The Library builds self-esteem

  • The Library provides many opportunities to experience success.  A complete records system measure ongoing progress.
  • The Library builds on a student or learner’s strengths and to emphasize or remediate weaker areas.

The Library simplifies your life

  • Available over the Internet, the Library can be accessed anywhere.
  • The Library is easy to use.  Students and learners concentrate on learning, not running software.

Comprehensive Online Learning

The Lifetime Library is a comprehensive curriculum covering basic reading, writing, math and Algebra. The Library provides hundreds of hours of multimedia instruction. Every student receives the full benefit of the instruction because the courseware accommodates a range of learning styles and skill levels.

The Library is an excellent choice for any student, whether he or she needs instruction at his or her current grade level, learning enrichment, or catching up remediation. The Library provides the flexibility for every student to learn – no matter the background of the student. Traditional educational systems work well for many, but there are always students left behind – those who have difficulty mastering the necessary skills in the timeframe required. Other students need to be challenged with new and exciting concepts that push them to their limits.

All learners profit from flexible multimedia instruction – with concepts accessible through video, audio, onscreen images and pictures, and the written word. Students always benefit from courseware that provides instruction at the time, place, and pace that fits their needs.

There are many ways the Lifetime Library can enrich students’ lives

Here are just a few examples:

  • On Target Instruction The majority of learners in a class are often working ‘at their grade level’ and are keeping pace. But sometimes there are students who are falling behind and require additional help from instructors. With only “so many hours in a school day”, the Lifetime Library is added to help students continue to stay on-pace. The Lifetime Library strengthens the skills of individuals while continuing their classroom instruction. Students requiring additional help can spend time on their own mastering the concepts that were introduced in the classroom instruction, without requiring more classroom time.
  • Remediation Sometimes students have fallen behind and may not have mastered some skills to keep pace or be ‘at grade level’. When this is discovered the Lifetime Library provides these students with an excellent opportunity for remediation by presenting straightforward, simple reading, writing and math tasks with examples of situations commonly found in day-to-day life. As the courseware progresses, so does the complexity of the lessons. Students learn new skills and continue moving closer to grade level instruction. They’re motivated by the experience of success.
  • Enrichment In other situations, some students are able to proceed faster than the rest of the class as they trend beyond ‘grade level’ learning… they aren’t being challenged. Using the Lifetime Library, students able to proceed at a pace faster than the class as a whole and can be challenged … they can move through the Lifetime Library curriculum at their own accelerated pace.

A Complete and Affordable Online Educational Experience 

The Lifetime Library is a Complete Educational Experience
The Lifetime Library includes 111 books (which we call “lessons”) grouped into nine series of instruction. Taken as a whole, the nine series form a coherent body of instruction. But each series by itself is also a complete unit of learning. In fact, individual lessons can be studied by themselves. Many instructors and home schools emphasize specific sections of the Lifetime Library for learners needing particular remedial help or an introduction to a learning topic before delving into other coursework or even homework.

The Lifetime Library is comprehensive, interactive learning software with instruction for reading, writing, math and algebra for grade 6 through adult learners. The Lifetime Library is a multimedia learning tool. It is:

  1. Award winning, nationally recognized educational software
  2. Used by hundreds of middle schools and high schools, charter schools, technical schools, colleges, adult learning centers … and corporations and the U.S. military.
  3. Content is derived from leading educators from across America
  4. It’s available strictly as an online learning resource – no software to install and no plug ins are required.
  5. It contains over 400 hours of award winning nationally recognized instruction
  6. It can be used to help students prepare for graduation requirements or college coursework placement tests or even as a way of preparing for standardized employment tests that measure basic educational skills.

The Lifetime Library is a completely self contained product including:

  • Automatic recordkeeping – users can follow their own progress
  • Engaging full motion video presentations
  • Over 7000 instructional screens with thousands of photographs and graphic illustrations
  • Placement tests are included to assist users find the right starting point in each of the four main learning series of math, Algebra, reading and writing.
  • Practice and challenge exercises and … final lesson testing
  • Narrated text
  • Online tools that include… a multi-language dictionary, a calculator and more

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