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Information Technology ConceptJust as private enterprise want to (and in many cases, must) hire or recruit individuals with certain levels of educational skills, government agencies and the military do too. 

Our experience working with the U.S. Army, often noted as being the largest educator in the world, has proven Lifetime Library is capable of being included in any learning situation within the Armed Forces.  Over the past several years, thousands of soldiers and personnel in the U.S. Army have used the Lifetime Library.  Purchased several years ago, the Library is used in learning centers on bases around the world.

The Library is priced so licenses can be acquired for virtually any governmental agency, including military establishments that want to provide a learning product that will benefit personnel. 

Like the private sector, government and military promote individuals by many more factors than they once did.  If educational skills are among these factors, providing the Library is one way to help personnel learn and refresh their skills in reading, writing and math in a way that’s private and confidential.

Lifetime Learning is experienced working with the educational needs of government and is ready to help put a program in place!  Let us show you study results that demonstrate the efficacy of the product.

Being Internet based, workers can use the Library at the office, in a computer lab, at home, or a public or school library.  If any government employee is trying to find time to work on their GED or prepare for post secondary entrance exams, the Library is a great product to make available to them.  If an employee wants to go back to school, they may do more favorably by using the Library first – to hone the skills they were exposed to in high school preparatory class work.  After working in the Library, they take their incoming skills assessment test with more confidence.  Doing better on entrance exams will allow them to more quickly be granted access to the accredited classes of their choice.  The ramifications of not doing well on the incoming assessment testing at a post secondary institution may mean a longer course of study leading to higher expense by the agency should a tuition reimbursement program be in place.  Being more prepared, doing better on incoming assessment tests, gaining access to chosen course work sooner rather than later are all positive motivators for the employee.

In summary, the Lifetime Library is an educational benefit that cannot be overlooked by any government agency or military branch!  The Library is affordable and effective.  It is unlike software or online tutoring products that “drill” and only cover one or two subjects.  There are no cartoons or animated characters as the product is designed using a “young adult and adult” perspective.  The multimedia design of the Library is integral to the learning process.  View Learning Principles Designed into the Lifetime Library by Dr. Rolf Parsons.


•  A supplemental tool that supports the education goals of government agency employers and the military.

•  Helps personnel in need of improving basic skills in Reading, Writing and Math – which can be an important part of their eventual opportunity for advancement and promotion.

•  It is an affordable product – allowing for unlimited users under the terms of the License to use the Lifetime Library.

•  User Names are “portable” – allowing personnel to work from home or other location that allows them to study in privacy.

•  License holders get full access to a “management system” and can set up new Users in a matter of minutes.

•  The Library is “browser and Operating System independent” – it can be accessed on a PC or Mac with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

•  Every lesson is designed with life-applications in mind – instruction, narration and content is meant to help users understand the subject matter.

•  Real learning occurs – this is not a boring “drill-only” product

•  It is self-paced – and personal (no peer pressure)

•  Being multimedia, it is engaging.  The built-in tools such as narration, language translator, a calculator, dictionary, record keeping, and practice & challenge exercises make this a “complete learning system”.  Built-in Placement Tests let your users find their appropriate starting place, essentially crediting them for what they already know – something they will appreciate!

What Others Say

•  The U.S. Army is one of the world’s largest employers and Dr. Kraut (ret.) says: “”The Lifetime Library is a great tool and has helped many soldiers with their basic skills.”

•  “Lifetime Learning has helped so many adult workforce learners in an economy where finding jobs depends on have the best skills possible, including those of math, reading and writing.” (Gale H. – California)

•  “We have always looked for the extra “tools and products” for our ABE programs.  Lifetime Library fits into this category because we want to be able to help adults looking for work – or re-entering the workforce – with as much help as possible.”  MN ABE

Best Practices

•  The Library is simple to make available.  Once you have the “Management System” in place, you can quickly and easily set up new Users.  Personnel are able to get up and running quickly – using a “Quick Start Guide”, or viewing an online video overview.  We will train key personnel to become an internal trainer.  There are only a handful of easy-to-understand icons – and all portions of the Library are consistent in style and functionality.

•  We always recommend that first time users go to the “test center” and take a Placement Test.  That way your personnel will know their best starting point.  (And if you have any “practice” assessment tests that may mirror actual tests you administer to personnel when eligible for promotion, they can be incorporated into the Library’s “Test Center” so personnel can quickly see where they are strong and weak – allowing them time to use the Library to re-build their skills and prepare for their test – confident they have the ability to demonstrate their ability to take on more responsibility and contribute to the growth of the agency or within their branch of the military.)


•  The Lifetime Library can be delivered so it meets the security requirements of the military or other government agency that is providing the product to its constituents or user groups.  Depending on the situation, the Library can be “installed” on an internal Internet system or incorporated into a network-wide learning/knowledge system.  In these cases, where there must be additional security protocols adhered to, Lifetime Learning has the experience to meet them.

Purchasing the Library for Government &/or Military Use

Annual or multi-year subscriptions for government and military agencies are available.  Please call Lifetime Learning or send email to: or use the following form to contact us.

When sending email, please include the following information:
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Title (or job function such as): Instructor, Principal, Curriculum Director, Learning Lab Specialist, Director of Technology, Superintendent, HR/Training, etc.
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Thank you!

Note: The Lifetime Library can be made available for current and former military personnel, their spouses and children as a way to say “thank you for your service”. Learn more by contacting Lifetime Learning.

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