Common Technical Support and User QuestionsFAQ on blackboard.

1) Pop-ups

    Q:  “Must I allow pop-ups to use the Lifetime Library?”

    A:   Yes. There are some features in the Library that require a pop-up from our server.  Please be sure to make the appropriate changes in your browser settings to allow pop-ups from us.  (There is a document in the Resources section of this website that steps you through the process.  It is very simple and easy to do and takes only a couple of minutes.  By allowing pop-ups from our web site does not mean you must allow them from all web sites.  Your browser allows you to set exceptions.  You will make the Lifetime Library one of the exceptions and allow pop-ups.)  The document referred to above shows you how to set the exception. (Depending on your browser’s version, this document will give you the general process – that may vary a little bit between browsers.)

2)  What is the Library’s URL

    Q:  “What URL do I use for accessing the Lifetime Library?”

    A:   You reach the Lifetime Library at

3) Reporting Problems or Needing Technical Support. 

    Q:  “How do I report problems I may have when using the Library?”

    A:  The simplest way to report a problem is to use the “feedback icon” that appears on every page of the Library.  (See the following screen shot)  Alternatively, you can send an email to and include your name, User Name, Password, phone number, email address, a description of the support you require and a phone number.  You may also use our Technical Support Contact Form to reach us.

Feedback Icon

4) Log In Problems

    Q: “I have trouble logging in and am getting error messages.  What should I do?”

    A:  Make sure you are:

>>  At the right log in screen (
>>  Make sure you are spelling your User Name and PW correctly
>>  If you continue to have difficulties, send email to

(See FAQ number 3 above for additional instructions.)

5) Error Message

    Q:  I have received an error message that says I cannot log back in for 20-minutes, what happened?

    A:  If you get this message, you should be able to log back in right away without a wait.  20 minutes is the length of inactive time before the Lifetime Library will not allow you to continue without logging out and back in. 

It is best to always use the large red/white X exit icon in the Library. (NOTE: this icon doesn’t work for some Users.  This problem is being reviewed by our Technical Support team.  You can log out using the small ‘x’ you use to exit many windows.  If you get a message stating you will not be allowed to log back in for 20 minutes, please ignore it and go ahead and log in right away is you wish.)

Exit icon Screen shot

6) Browser Cookies

    Q:  “Do I need to enable ‘cookies’ to use the Lifetime Library?”

    A:  As with most sites on the Internet, the answer is ‘yes’.  However, we do not use “tracking cookies”.  We only use “session cookies” which is a small string of text that is temporarily stored on the computer while you are working but is deleted when you exit from the Library and close the URL. 

7) Screen Image Problems – Image/Text Alignment Problems

    Q:  “It does not appear the Library “fits” inside my computer’s screen.  Is there anything I can do?”

    A:  There are a couple of things you can do.  Please make sure you are using small or normal sized fonts on your computer.  Also, some browsers have a setting that allows you to change the size of the image, with 100% being normal.  If you have sized your screen’s image up or down (i.e. greater than 100% or less than 100%), please re-set it to 100%.  The following image for Internet Explorer.  If you use Google Chrome or other browsers, the “Settings/Tools” mode will often provide you with tools, keyboard shortcuts, etc. for sizing your screen size up and down.  It’s always best to be at 100%.


8) Placement Test Questions

    Q:  “When I take a Placement Test, I can’t find a report that tells me which questions I answered correctly and which I did not.  How come?”

    A:  Unlike other tests inside the Library, the Placement Test is designed to test your knowledge at a given point in time.  Based on how you answer questions, the Placement Test will ask you questions to determine how far you can go.  When you reach a point of having difficulty answering questions, the Placement Test ends and the system will place at the appropriate starting point.  As you work through the Library and take various tests, you will be able see how you did on them. 


9) Video Viewing/Audio Problems

    Q:  “I have difficulty viewing video segments or listening to audio tracks.  It seems to take a long time for these features to work and when they do, sometimes they hesitate and start-and-stop.  What is happening?”

    A:  The Library is meant to be used completely online without use of CD’s or other audio or video media.  Video and audio segments are saved in Adobe® Flash® format, which is a standard format that can be played on both a PC and a Mac computer.  If you are experiencing problems watching or listening to video and audio, please check your Internet connection.  To properly utilize the Library, you need to have a high-speed connection to the Internet (Cable, DSL, Satellite).  A dial-up connection will not work.  Alternatively, if you do not have the Adobe® Flash Player on your computer, you will see that notice appear on your screen upon initially logging in.  To get the Flash Player as a free download, please go to:  (If you use Google Chrome, it is already part of the browser.)


10) Hearing Video or Audio Tracks

    Q:  “I cannot hear the video or audio.  What is happening?”

    A:  Please make sure your speakers are turned on.  Please make sure you have the Adobe® Flash Player (see previous FAQ).  If this is a common problem with other programs or audio/video files, you may need to consult your computer’s manuals and/or talk to your computer hardware provider.


11) Records Not Showing My Progress

    Q:  “As an individual, I received the Lifetime Library in “open bookshelf” form (I am able to look at any book in the Library without going sequentially starting from the book in which the Placement Test put me) and my records are not showing my progress through various books in the Library.  Am I doing something wrong?”

    A:  In order for the Library to reflect completion of a book, you must still take the final test and receive a score of 80%.  When you get 80%, your records will show the book has been completed.  Until you pass the final test, the records will not reflect completion.  But remember, you can move through the Library at your own pace.  But to make your records show true progress, you must take and pass final tests.  And you don’t need to pass it the first time.  If you score less than 80%, you should continue studying the lesion and re-take the final test.  There are no restrictions on the number of times you can take final test.

12) Accurate Test Score Problems

    Q:  “I am taking different tests inside the Library but I am not getting an accurate score.  What am I doing wrong?”

    A:  Please take a look at the following two images.  When you select an answer, you need to “check your answer” to see if you are correct or incorrect (applies to both Practice and Challenge Exercises).  If you do not (and ignore the message), your answer will be marked incorrect.



When you get the “error message” asking if you want to skip the question, you would click “okay” if you DO WANT TO SKIP THE QUESTION and move on without it being marked correct.  If you DO want to “check your answer” and see if you are correct or incorrect, then you click “cancel”.  We are working to re-word this error message so that it is clearer.  Until then, please be aware of what clicking “okay” means.

13) Starting for the First Time

    Q:  “I am just starting out with the Lifetime Library.  Where should I start?”

    A:  We recommend that anyone using the Library for the first time start with a Placement Test.  There are four Placement Tests in the Library – one each for Math, Algebra, Reading and Writing.  You can take them all when you first start out or you can take them when you are ready to work on one of the four learning series.  For example, if you are ready to work in the Math series, take the Math Placement Test first.  You will start answering questions – and continue until the Library is able to determine a proper starting point.  The more questions you answer correctly, the further into the Math series you will start.  Some people will go as few as 10-12 questions and be placed in the first book of a series while others may answer many more – and start further into the Library.  The point is, the Library is a personal learning program and there is no wrong starting point.  Please note that you should allow enough time to take the Placement Test.  Do not start it if you think you only have a few minutes.  If you start and then stop, the Library will assume you were unable to continue and place you accordingly.  Even if you think the Placement Test will take you 5 or 10 minutes, allow yourself 30-60 minutes of “free time” so that you don’t have to stop unexpectedly.  Please view our video demo showing how to get started using the Library.


14) User Name and Password Changes

    Q:  “I have gone to my Records Book to view my progress.  Is there any way, while accessing my records, to update my profile or change my User Name and Password?”

    A:  No.  You do not have the ability to change your User ID or Password on your own.  There should be no reason to make a change since one User ID and Password equate to “one account” in the Library.  Changing a User ID and Password will not re-set any progress in the Library so you can “re-assign” it to another user.  If you need another User ID and Password, we have made it very affordable to acquire another one.


15) Delivery of Materials to Customers

    Q:  “When I purchase the Lifetime Library, is anything going to be shipped to me?”

    A:  The current version of the Lifetime Library is delivered completely online – there are no CD’s or other optical media necessary for use of the product.  As such, there is nothing being shipped to customers.  (User’s Guides, etc. are available online as a download.) 


16) Support for Old Versions of the Library (including Learning 2000)

    Q:  “I have an old version of the Library that uses CD Roms.  Can this version be used with newer computers?  Do you have “patches/service packs” or other replacement installation CD’s you can send me?”

    A:  Older, CD/DVD-based versions of the Library are not being supported by Lifetime Learning.  Older versions purchased online through various third party sources (including auction sites), are also no longer supported and are not able to receive technical support from Lifetime Learning’s technical support group.  If you purchase from a third party, you must contact them regarding returns and refunds. 

17) Login Process

    Q:  “Can you show me how to login to the Lifetime Library?”

    A:  Logging in is simple.  Please follow these steps and the images that are shown.

         Users go to

There is a “login” icon on the home page, click it and you will be directed to the Lifetime Library’s sign in window.

Login Screen Shot

Log in screen3


Here you will type in your User Name and Password.

You will also see the Lifetime Library identifying your computer’s operating system, your IP address and your browser. 

When you click “Log in” – you will be able to start using the Library.

18)  Using the Library 

     Q:  “Once I log in, what are the basics of getting started?”

     A:  The first thing we recommend is download our Quick Start Guide that you can find in the Resources portion of this website.

Alternatively, please review these basic starting points here – please see the following screen images: 

 When you first log in, this is the main/starting screen you will see.

There you will:
•  Click links in the “Assignment” section to take Placement Tests
•  Click on the “bookshelf” icon to be taken to the bookshelf to start the book in which you were placed by the Placement Test – or to start working on a book of your choice
•  Click a link to view your records
•  Go into the test center (at a future time) to take “evaluation tests” (Evaluation tests are meant to give you a look at where you would place in a learning series after you have been using the Library for a while.  Think of it as “retaking” the Placement Test in the future – to see where it would place you “then”.)
•  Exiting the Library (Always use the large white and red “X” icon.  It’s the best way to close your session of the Library.)

Library - User - Home Page

Without venturing too far ‘inside the Library’, here is a look at the “bookshelf”. 

•  When you cursor over a book, the “title” appears in the “title bar” that’s shown with the red circle.  The colored dots under each of the books signifies whether you have started a book or not, whether you have passed the final test, need continued work on the subject matter or tested out.  A small black “border” will appear around book one of each learning series until you take the Placement Test.  Then the black boarders will appear around those you have tested out of and the first book you should start based on the results of the Placement Test.

New Bookshelf2

19) Getting Technical Support

     Q:  “I have a technical support question.  How do I contact Lifetime Learning?”

     A:  Technical support for individual customers can be obtained two ways.

•  By email at
•  By clicking on the “Feedback” icon on all pages within the Library.  See images.
•  Or using our Technical Support Contact Form.

When contacting us by email, please provide the following information:

•  Name
•  Address
•  Phone
•  Email
•  School name (if applicable)
•  User Name(s) and Password(s)
•  Description of the problem

Feedback Icon


Clicking the “Feedback” icon will open the following communications window.
You will be able to provide a description of the problem you experienced, click the green check mark and we will receive your note.  Using this feature will tell us the page you were on, the browser and O/S you are using and will greatly help us assist you and others who may also encounter the same problem.  (By using this feature you are helping us continually improve the Library.)


Feedback Report

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