Fostering Curiosity in Students

Curiosity is an interesting subject. We may find more articles and videos for you to view in the coming days and weeks. In the world of business, we know that people with great curiosity often become problem solvers. Or they foster discussion that leads a group to consider “alternatives and possibilities”. We also know that careers thrive for people with curiosity – and for those that can motivate their employees with “curiosity based questions” and “challenges”. But where does it start? Can curiosity be fostered in students? The answer seems to be a clear “yes”. But it’s complex. A) Teachers need to be good at it. B) Not everyone is motivated the same way – and too much push for “curiosity” can cause some students to go into anxiety mode. But the main point of this post is: “curiosity is good for students and adults as the move through their working lives”. One could probably say that being curious will help stimulate cognitive skills well into the golden years! Read more in the article that’s linked here. We may not be experts on this subject, but it’s fun. In a “curious sort of way”, you want to learn more! (And THAT’S really the point!) Have fun! 

Instilling curiosity in students encourages their desire to learn. When students are magnetized by a new idea or a new situation and are compelled to explore further, regardless of external rewards, they can be said to be truly motivated.  MORE>>>
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