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teaching colleaguesEducators are motivators, mentors, and coaches – and on any given day they both discipline and inspire.  An effective educator addresses different age groups, student learning abilities and personalities.  This applies to the Lifetime Library as well.  The Library is a true supplemental learning product that supports an educator’s teaching process. 

The Library is successfully used in literally all learning environments from grade 6 and beyond.  The value of the Library is second to none.  With the Lifetime Library, you have the option to acquire it on a one year subscription basis or for multiple years.  Subscriptions are generally designed to you let you set up an unlimited number of students so there’s no keeping track of user quantity, etc.  And for smaller schools or institutions with a small number of potential users, other affordable pricing programs are available.  Contact Lifetime Learning for more information. 

The Library has success in all the following settings:

     •  Public and private middle and high schools
     •  Charter Schools (those for at-risk students or those with a learning specialty)
     •  ALE programs
     •  GED
     •  Developmental programs
     •  Post Secondary – Community College, Technical Schools, Universities

The Library is used in a variety of ways:

     •  As a self-paced or instructor led supplemental learning program
     •  As part of an academic remediation program
     •  As a required part of GED, ALE, and Charter programs
     •  To help struggling students catch up or accelerated students to move to new topics more quickly
     •  Credit Recovery

We work with many education professionals:

     •  Teachers/instructors/coaches
     •  Principals
     •  Program Leaders/Coordinators/Curriculum Directors, heads of learning labs and libraries
     •  Departments of Education

We recognize many individuals have input on learning programs, whether primary or supplemental, and we want everyone in education to realize the Lifetime Library is a valuable tool fitting many learning situations.

  1. The Library offers a highly affordable and effective learning resource, unlike software or online tutoring products that “drill” or are devoted to a single topic that once are done, are set aside.  There is long-term value with the Lifetime Library.
  2. The Library offers serious learning through an engaging and interesting multimedia format.  There are no cartoons or animated characters; the Library is designed using a “young adult” perspective.  The multimedia design is integral to the learning process and we invite you to review a short document discussing the value and efficacy of the multimedia nature of the Lifetime Library.  View Learning Principles Incorporated in the Lifetime Library by Dr. Rolf Parsons.
  3. The Library works in situations where an instructor wants to provide personal, self-paced tools for developmental purposes or for students wanting to accelerate their learning.  The depth and breadth of the Library can, for example, allow a student can start with Math as far back as the number line and progress over the course of time – to levels of Algebra some students may never get to until reaching high school or college.
  4. Being life-skills oriented is extremely valuable for students who often do not understand how many skills and learning objectives will apply to their own lives.

The Lifetime Library is not curriculum replacement and isn’t a learning management system.  It is not a replacement for classroom books or daily instruction, but a tool that helps teens and young adults gain a different perspective on subjects in reading, writing and math they may not fully grasp in the classroom. 

The video portion of the Library is based on several award winning learning series that were produced by Kentucky Education Television (KET), PBS with support from the Annenberg Foundation and COMAP (Consortium for Applied Mathematics).  The lessons were designed around (and with) the video by educators holding Master’s degrees and PhD’s.  The lessons are of a “spiral nature” – meaning they build on themselves.  Once a student finds the proper starting point, they move along progressively and correctly.  And the design allows students who want to try to ‘test their skills’ to take final lesson tests anytime they think they are ready. 

The Library is a tool that allows students to gauge their skills prior to taking state tests and other standardized tests.  Unlike programs that try to teach the “mechanics” of taking a particular test, the Library helps a student gauge the mastery of their skills.  If they are weak, they can renew those skills and potentially get a leg-up on the tests. 


•  A supplemental tool that supports educators goals of helping students gain a solid foundation in Reading, Writing and Math – which is vital to their long term educational progress.

•  The Library plays an important role helping your students catch up or gives accelerated students an opportunity to move at a quicker pace keeping them interested and motivated.

•  The Library is affordable – unlimited user site Licenses adds to the value of the Lifetime Library.

•  A student’s User Name is “portable” – allowing them to work from a school’s library or learning lab; or even from a home computer.

•  Instructors get full access to a “management system” and can access reports from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

•  Training is available and is provided on an ongoing basis.

•  The Library is “browser and Operating System independent” – it can be accessed on a PC or Mac… with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

•  Every lesson is designed with life-applications in mind.

•  Real learning occurs… this is not a boring “drill-only” product.  The Library provides the rigor and relevance you are looking for.

•  It is self-paced … and personal (no peer pressure)

•  Its multimedia design makes learning engaging.  With built-in tools such as narration, language translation, a calculator, dictionary, record keeping, and practice & challenge exercises, this a “complete learning system” that supplements your instructional efforts.

•  Built-in placement tests lets you help guide your students to the appropriate starting place – essentially crediting them for what they already know – something they will appreciate.

•  The Library helps refresh and renew subject matter students need for standardized tests, whether they are for state, national or end of semester.  The Library is always valuable when preparing for college entrance tests.  The Library does not teach the “mechanics” of taking a test, but helps your students understand if they have a mastery of the skills – which in the long-run, is what will make their educational careers successful.

What Others Say

•  “The Lifetime Library offers great value and we love the way it can be used within many of our learning situations – At-Risk and ALE programs, Credit Recovery and more.”

 “The support provided by Lifetime Learning makes it so easy to incorporate the Lifetime Library into our learning programs”  (Jobs for Florida’s Graduates)

•  “We’ve used the Library for years and it’s been a very useful tool for incoming students”

Using the Library

 The Library is simple to incorporate into many programs.  Students are able to get up and running quickly – using a “Quick Start Guide”, online video overview or simply getting 10-minutes of instruction from an instructor.  There are only a handful of easy-to-understand icons – and all portions of the Library are consistent in style and functionality.

 When a school License is obtained, complete training is scheduled.  There are only two levels of “administration” of the management system – making it easy to learn and work with instructors and coaches.  The process for setting up new students with a user name and password is simple and easy to learn.  The management system has been designed so that teachers need to spend as little time “administering” the Library and more time providing support to students.

 We recommend that first time users take a Placement Test.  That way your students will know the best place to get started.

 If you provide any supplemental learning programs or have ALE or other programs for at-risk students, the Library will fit in to your program very well.  You can choose, for any student, whether they can move freely throughout the Library (studying topics of interest) or must proceed sequentially.  (This is called an “open or closed bookshelf”).  Providing this flexibility allows you to be in control more precisely guiding students while providing more leeway for others.

 Finally, though the Lifetime Library is a great ‘personal learning tutor’ and you may find it is something to recommend to parents.  While a student can use the Library from any Internet capable computer, some parents may want to have access to the Library so they can refresh their skills and get more involved with helping their son or daughter with their skills development.

Obtaining the Lifetime Library for your School or Learning Institution

Annual or multi-year subscriptions for schools, learning institutions, adult learning locations and military learning labs are available.  Please call Lifetime Learning, Inc. or send email to: or use the following form to contact us.

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