Writing is not ‘secondary’ in today’s computerized and texting world.  Good writing is an important part of everyday life!  Writing is an important skill whether composing term papers, answering questions in ‘essay tests’, preparing resumes or job application cover letters, or answering questions on an employment application.  Good writing is critical when preparing a business report, creating work estimates, writing letters to friends and family (digitally or with traditional paper and pen), posting entries to blogs or creating a personal diary.  

Writing skills have been impacted by ‘texting’, which permits abbreviations, no punctuation or grammatical correctness.  Writing is a skill that remains important since poor writing may quickly (and unintentionally) close doors to new personal or professional opportunities.  Poor writing may also improperly identify an individual as lacking in education – rendering their opinion as less-than-credible.  Writing skills DO make a difference!

Writing teaches skills required at the high school level of proficiency.  Ten lessons address spelling, capitalization, punctuation, basic grammar, sentence construction and mechanics.  Students learn to organize material, use logic, recognize appropriate writing styles, and understand the writing process.

The Writing program includes material from the GED on TV series produced by KET, which received the Wilbur Schramm Award of Excellence for instructional television.  The story in the video is played out with young adults.  Sonya, a recent immigrant to the United States, struggles with the complexity of English spelling and structure as she perfects her new language.


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The Lifetime Library’s Writing series includes:

•  10 multimedia “books” comprised of three to six chapters each
•  600 screens of instruction that blend information in text, graphics, and segments of instructional video
•  1,350 test questions and interactive exercise questions with immediate feedback
•  Five hours of instructional video
•  Grammar, from simple to complex, is fully explained
•  Practical writing examples are provided along with the mechanics of good writing, clear organization and presentation is stressed
•  Guided practice includes spelling, punctuation, grammar, and clear communication skills
•  A comprehensive placement test let’s you quickly find where to start
•  On-line tools: calculator, dictionary, and instructional text narration
•  Automatic record keeping of time on task as well as test and exercise scores
•  Ability for users to learn at their own pace

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