LEARNING MODULES OF THE LIFETIME LIBRARYbooks from  your laptop on a white background

The Lifetime Library provides a significant online learning experience for students of all ages.  The Library was designed for learners starting at about the grade 5 level — extending well into adulthood.  Students will use the Lifetime Library and it’s online learning lessons for credit recovery, remediation, solidifying basic learning skills, preparing for a GED or in preparation for SAT’s, ACT’s, and other college entrance exams.  Some students with the desire to move at a faster pace than others in their class will use the Library, especially in math and algebra, to gain access to material their instructor will get to at a later date (or maybe in a later grade level in school).

The Library is used by adults going back to school to refresh their knowledge in reading, writing and math because they’re going to take a series of employment advancement tests.  Some adults are re-entering the workforce after many years in one job — or coming off an extended period of being unemployed.  Employers can use the Library to help their workers gain and/or refresh their basic skills as well.  And in other cases, the Library is used by spouses of military personnel or by the spouses and children of an individual gaining access through their employer – as an added benefit to his or her family.

Homeschools use the Library to supplement the learning materials used by parents to meet their state’s home schooling standards.

There are a variety of uses for the Lifetime Library by Lifetime Learning.  Online learning software is gaining in use – as a way to help students and learners of all ages with their requirements to be proficient in reading, writing and math.

View the pages in this website to learn more about each of the Library learning series… the details of Math, Reading, Writing and Algebra; the learning objectives for each of the series; screen views and examples from various learning lessons of the Library; and view some video and audio segments from each series.

Purchase the Library for individual use here.  For educational usage (by schools, businesses, home schools, military, adult learning centers, credit recovery programs, etc.), contact Lifetime Learning directly or view information on each of the pages in this website.


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