Careers In Music

This is a video from “Careers Out There” that we really like! There are lots of career paths to explore and maybe, just maybe you’ve thought about “music” – but you’ve kind of shied away from instruments because it may not be (in your mind — or those of your friends) the coolest thing to do. But if you honestly like music and feel you want to pursue it as a career, do so! Investigate your options! This video tells the story of someone who has done well in his chosen career. You may want to pursue jobs with classical orchestral organizations.  You may want to go into recording – and in today’s digital era, there’s lots of opportunities in editing and creating really cool music content. The point is, don’t think music isn’t for you. Tried taking piano lessons as a kid and hated it! As you’ve gotten older and witnessed friends and peers really enjoying instruments, have you found yourself saying “I wish I stuck with it?” Maybe you aren’t “wired to play an instrument”… but if you’re in school – wondering about career opportunities – and what you might love doing – check it out. Careers in Music – would you have thought about it before? Maybe this video will help! 
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